Project Leadership

Project Leadership’s mission is to increase the diversity of leadership by empowering all individuals to develop leadership skills in themselves and others.

Leadership is the ability to influence others. Each person within a team can influence each other - leadership is not just for a specific person with a title or the person that speaks up the loudest. Leadership happens in a multitude of ways and can also help your learning. Leadership is also a highly desirable skill in the job application process.

Project Leadership allows you to identify your leadership skills and track your development. During team projects, you will select a role, identify a skill to focus on, and receive feedback. There are as many ways to lead as there are people. Through the process you’ll learn how you effectively lead and what you can do to become an even more effective leader. 

In a strong team, you can benefit from each other’s strengths, change your weaknesses into your strongest assets, and accomplish larger projects than anyone could do on their own. As you work with your team, we hope that you see how leadership can be shared across all team members.